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Allt Gymbyd Caravan Park

Set in the heart of the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

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Static Caravans, Touring Caravans and Camping Rules and Regulations

Whatever the time of year you are guaranteed a warm welcome from the owners, the park staff and the other patrons of the park.



  1. Additional Rules and Regulations may be added to this issue at a later date.
  2. The park owner has the final say in any discussions or matters which are deemed relevant to the caravan park.
  3. All dogs must be kept on a lead at ALL times, please use and stay on the footpath. Strictly NO fouling on the park or a £20 penalty will be enforced.
  4. Children must be accompanied by an adult when in the play area at all times, for safety reasons. We do not accept any responsibility. Enter at own risk.
  5. Refuge collection will take place on a Monday, except on bank holidays, which will then be the Tuesday. Please ensure that your rubbish is in the black liner provided and tied. Please also ensure that your rubbish is left in the bin at the rear of your caravan.
  6. A duplicate key must be cut and given to the park owner for draining purposes over the winter months.
    1. In your own interest, you are advised to check your caravan after being notified of water connection, as claims are rendered VOID.
    2. Caravan owners are asked NOT to alter or interfere with the plumbing of their caravans once on the new system.
    3. For prevention of water damage, we ask all caravan owners to turn off the main water supply tap to their caravan.
    4. All caravan owners must be able to carry out a basic drain down over the winter period between the dates of 1st March till 2nd week in April and 2nd week in October till 15th January.
  7. Maximum speed limit of 10mph is to be observed for the safety of others.
  8. The use of fire hosepipes is prohibited, as they are there for emergency purposes only.
  9. Recommendations are that all caravans should carry either a fire blanket or a small hand-held fire extinguisher and smoke alarm detectors must be fitted.
  10. An annual gas safety check by the parks registered gas engineer is necessary. The parks engineer will issue you with a certificate of approval, which will aid insurance claims in the event of an accident.
  11. We ask you not to build or erect permanent features that are deemed unsuitable by the park’s owners, eg brick barbeques etc.
  12. Additional groundwork carried out on all individual pitches by members must be put back to its original state if the caravan owner decided to leave the park or a charge will be incurred.
  13. Please stay on the road provided as children might be playing on the field.
  14. Excessive noise and/or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated on the park.
  15. We ask that all outdoor parties/events come to a close at 11pm sharp.
  16. All gas bottles MUST be purchased from the park owners together with regulators and changeover valves. Also, all gas must be paid for in advance before delivered.
  17. Gas bottle prices may vary as the price of gas rises. We sell 13kg (BBQ bottles) 18kg and 48kg bottles. We will notify you of any further price changes in advance, foreign gas bottles will incur a £9 GAS BOTTLE CHARGE. We advise you to return bottles to original supplier.
  18. The use of all facilities must be respected and maintained at ALL times.
  19. All gates must be kept closed.
  20. All caravans must be insured through the park’s insurance (Jardine Group Services). Should you wish to obtain your own insurance we charge £45 to ensure you are adequately covered.
  21. WARNING No sub-letting or private sales to be practised.
  22. All caravan owners will be responsible for the upkeep of their pitch, failure to do so will incur a charge of £35.
  23. Any caravan transactions must be dealt with through the park owners, which will be subject to commission (For rates please ask)
  24. A standard charge for disconnection on a full-service pitch is £485 plus VAT.
  25. A charge for removal or dismantling decking wood/metal/plastic is £450 plus VAT.
  26. A standard charge for removal and disposal of caravans is £450 plus VAT.
  27. Charge for termination of insurance one clear month and £36 which will be deducted from the amount due to you the caravan owner.
  28. All connection charges, pitch fees, commission and ground rents are non-refundable.
  29. Please note that once a caravan reaches 17 years of age it must be renewed by 1st July that year. Replacement caravans must either be new or under 5 years of age.
  30. All behaviour is closely monitored and three warnings will be issued should the need arise. The first two will be written and the third warning you WILL be escorted off the park and you will be given fourteen days to remove your caravan.
  31. Any bills not paid on time will be subject to a 5% charge for the first fourteen days it is overdue and 10% thereafter until the account is settled.
  32. All children must be in their caravans by 10pm unless supervised by an adult.

For all issues concerning either the park, your caravan or any other matters please feel free to consult with a member of staff.


  1. All pitch fees to be paid by the due date. Prior arrangements will incur a 7.5% interest charge and late payments will incur a 15% interest charge. These interest charges will be calculated on the annual site fees.
  2. We ask that you show goodwill to others by bringing all outdoors events i.e. barbeques to a close 11 prompt.
  3. Please ensure children under sixteen wear safety helmets when riding their bikes. Children are to use roads and paddocks away from caravans when riding their bikes and refrain from riding between caravans. Please also ensure that football is not played between the caravans.
  4. Children under 5 years of age must be supervised in the play area and also the toilet facilities.
  5. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Strictly no fouling – £20 fine.
  6. Please keep to the speed limit of 10mph.
  7. All caravan pitches must be free from clutter i.e. underneath the van for fire and ventilation reasons.
  8. The park must hold a spare key for any wheel clamps and tow locks.
  9. Health and Safety request all awnings must be limited by electrical appliances.
    1. Electrical items accepted at low wattage electric heaters, lamps and portable TV’s.
    2. Electrical items not accepted are fridges, freezers, microwaves, high wattage electric fires, electric grillers and household kettles. This will be inspected and all prohibited items will be removed.
  10. All of the above will be enforced with immediate effect.
  11. The park will not offer refunds in any way.
  12. These rules apply to all residents until stated otherwise.
  13. All touring caravans must be adequately insured.

Please note this is not a contract, it is purely to aid a safe place to spend your time.

For any queries please contact Dylan on 07779 459591 or the office on 01824 780958.

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Located in the Clwydian Range Area of Outanding Natural Beauty

Allt Gymbyd Caravan Park

Llanarmon yn Ial, Mold, CH7 4QU

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